Her Sister, His Lover (Hakuouki fanfic Saito x oc)

Her Sister, His Lover (Hakuouki fanfic Saito x oc)

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tori By breadstick-otaku Updated Sep 25, 2015

Before Chizuro was being chased by the rouge samurai, she was travelling with her older sister Shizoku. But due to some reasons was separated from each other while being chased. Shizuko's swordsmanship skills are off the chart and not to mention she is also a devil and she knows it. She made a promise to her parents before they perished in flames, that she will take care of her siblings no matter what. She infiltrates the base of the Shinsengumi and steals Chizuro back from the grasp of the samurai. 

While they continue to travel to the next village, still disguised as males, comes across the Shinsengumi again. While trying to escape get ambushed by Furies. Shizoku has no chose but to show her skills in front of the samurai. The sisters have no choice but to accompany the Shinsengumi back to their base. Shizoku doesn't cause a fuss because she knows that they will protect her, even if they don't mean to.

There Shizuko meets Saito, a cold-hearted samurai that barely shows more than one emotion. Saito finds her interesting and different from most women.

Join Shizuko and Chizuro's journey of action, adventure, and romance!

I do not own any Hakuouki stuff. Just my characters.

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VeraGomes7 VeraGomes7 Oct 08, 2017
LoL, Mr. Sexy Shinsengumi
                              You have a good sense of humour.😂😂
SvtBtsGot7Exo_ SvtBtsGot7Exo_ Jan 08, 2017
But I bet Shizuko is 10x more badasss and less dense than Chizuru so why? xD
Galactic_Line Galactic_Line Jan 19, 2016
Alright Chizuru´s sister is so much fun :) 
                              Can´t wait until reading next chapter. 
                              Keep up the good work :)