The Baby Makers (boyxboy) [watty2015]

The Baby Makers (boyxboy) [watty2015]

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Louise_painter By Louise_painter Updated Nov 04

In 2055 the earth was struck by a meteor shower that brought famine and disease in its stride. In this time, no more than half the worlds human population survived, the other half were either lucky, or riddled with the alien disease which at the time had unknown effects. 

Over one hundred years have passed since then and the effects are now becoming clear. The descendants of the survivers are sometimes born with mutations which make them not only highly desirable but also extremely fertile. 

For this reason, they are collected and sold, the best used as what are now known to be 'the baby makers' in an attempt to repopulate the world. 


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So he has both genitalia?  Wow, this is going to be an interesting story, one of a kind....... I like it
I love how everyone here is screaming for american pride... Yet, I'm British 😂
DarkMachi DarkMachi Aug 12
Oh no...  I have ears too!  
                              Does that mean I am also a mutant???
LukaFenri23 LukaFenri23 Apr 29
Oh I already how this gonna go. I hope I'm wrong. Keep the main OTP TOGETHER PLSSSS
I swear to all that is dick I will start slicing off body parts if Jase gets hurt purposely!
I love odd names too!!! I like to call myself Faye on Wattpad.