She's A Street Racer

She's A Street Racer

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TwoLittleMissBlue By TwoLittleMissBlue Updated Sep 24

Credit= Thankyou for the Awesome cover @akiraliu88.. 

Aqua Hill; 17 tomboy, bad-ass, street racer. Who knows how to put anyone and everyone in their place, only child. Living with her mother, a complete rebel. She never really was a girly girl which made life so much better, going against every rule and restrictions put by her mother. 
Is forced to live with seven boys not to mention smoking hot boys with old flames and new to ignite. How will her life turn out to be?

>previously known as fighting flames

  • badass
  • boys
  • flames
  • humor
  • love
  • sweetheart
  • tomboy
Deadass read aqueela and thought this had something to do with Pause for a sec lol
IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS A LOVER OF DUCATTIS lmao fr people mainly lean twords harleys
Sorry, but this book needs some serious editing. I could barey read a sentence without trying to understand what it meant. Five minutes later...Oh! That's what it means! 
Nae_Nae423 Nae_Nae423 6 days ago
Let’s not forget the electronics cause I wouldn’t be able to read this right now without one
But if the Anderson boys are her cousins...bc Lucy is the mum of the 7 boys then doesn't that mean she would end up falling in love with her cousin?  Wtf. ..?I'm confused bro
When i go to Sleep i Put my Hair in a Braid so its wavy for School but When i wake up i Have these awkward Braid Outlines on my face xD