The Marriage Theory

The Marriage Theory

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<> Book 1 of The Marrying You Series. This book can be read as a stand alone. <>

Nick is a man who seemingly has all he needs in life. He has a great and rewarding career and a caring family but, one thing he doesn't have is the bragging rights he so desperatly wants. Nick has always had the theory that the downfall of lasting marriages and the increase of the divorce rate in the world is all due to people marrying for the fallacy of love. To prove that for a marriage to work you shouldn't love your partner and should instead use them for complacement and procreation, Nick sets out to marry someone he doesn't love. When proposals to his ex's fail, Nick on a whim, asks his nosey waitress, Annabelle to marry him. To his surprise and hers', she agrees. 

They're married within the hour and soon everything becomes real. Nick has to find a way to prove his theory while also learning to live with a stranger. Annabelle wants security in life but now she's faced with sacrificing her dream of a real life romance, all in the hope of disproving something she always believed in. Who will win in a game of love when neither player is playing for keeps?
Highest rank: #7 in Chicklit.

Sherribear Sherribear Feb 22
I tried to find you on Instagram but it not bringing you up. Find me @SHERIBEAR1969.
dipti1010 dipti1010 Dec 09, 2016
I'm going to think is Francisco bc this is so strange to me David's too old for this
19gotohell 19gotohell Apr 24, 2016
-interesting..he just proposed to different woman before her.i didnt see it coming
PatatoSack PatatoSack Jan 31
So like Asian arranged marriages? It'll be interesting to see how the story goes. Looks promising!
inzaynlove inzaynlove Nov 13, 2016
For someone who's a world famous psychologist and sociologist, he's extremely narrow minded and uneducated and stupid, I'd say.
joyousglorious joyousglorious Sep 16, 2016
lol. i imagined mr.confidence here suddenly choking on his coffee at the sight of the kid. haha!