Diabolik lovers Yui younger sister

Diabolik lovers Yui younger sister

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amuchan77 By amuchan77 Updated 4 days ago

Mya is yui younger sister.she is also know as a troublemaker,what will happen when Mya meets the sakamaki brothers along with yui :-) . Will she finally become a good girl? or will she remain a troublemaker for  the rest of her life :-)

Plz don't judge me or my book I am only 12 years old :-). Enjoy !

ps. I suck at descriptions

*Fire Dragon Roars Sasuke, burning off all of his hair* Gimme dat pokey. X3
Oh sh** a demon run for your loves mother fu**ers it gonna eat your soul as punishment for waking it up 😣😤
Crespiria Crespiria Jun 04
Good luck Laito, Kou, this this girl will no fall for your tricks XD
peaceandwa peaceandwa Apr 12
if i was mya my thoughts you run up to the bad guy real smart
Sh1zuka Sh1zuka Apr 22
I was really looking forward that she has black hair and purple eyes 😭 This is your story anyway Author-chan it's your choice what she looks like 😑
Sh1zuka Sh1zuka Apr 22
If I was Mya I would kick him where the sun doesn't shine 😑