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Diabolik lovers Yui younger sister

Diabolik lovers Yui younger sister

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amuchan77 By amuchan77 Updated Feb 01

Mya is yui younger sister.she is also know as a troublemaker,what will happen when Mya meets the sakamaki brothers along with yui :-) . Will she finally become a good girl? or will she remain a troublemaker for  the rest of her life :-)

Plz don't judge me or my book I am only 12 years old :-). Enjoy !

ps. I suck at descriptions

Amatrix-Senpai Amatrix-Senpai Jul 25, 2016
*Fire Dragon Roars Sasuke, burning off all of his hair* Gimme dat pokey. X3
mellie_bankshall mellie_bankshall Jun 28, 2016
Oh sh** a demon run for your loves mother fu**ers it gonna eat your soul as punishment for waking it up 😣😤
Crespiria Crespiria Jun 04, 2016
Good luck Laito, Kou, this this girl will no fall for your tricks XD
Why couldn't it be Sebastian (Rape? As long as its Sebastian im fine with it)
AnneBustamante4 AnneBustamante4 Jul 13, 2016
OH JESUS CHRIST (◎_◎;) BLOOD TYPE AB............... $HIT!!!
i think mya is a shu in the making listening to so much music xD