Love I Hate You (poem)

Love I Hate You (poem)

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keisha By keke_1793 Updated Aug 11, 2011

Why did I let you come through the door?

Love I hate you.

I opened up and gave you my all,

but I have nothing in return.

Nothing but tears, puffed up eyes that were blind

cause love you lied...I hate you.

My broken heart drips trails of blood from my hands.

I hold it...trying to find every peice like a puzzle.

Love I hate you...You told me that you cared and I believed you...

foolish...stupid...I was dumb, and now I feel numb.

Like a cold stone that was thrown in the sea...

I'm drowning in my own misery.

Love I hate tricked me...or maybe tricked myself.

Was I mislead?

I truly believed that fairytales were true, and that in reality real love could be too.

Love I hate I'll try to never fall again, because I fell right on my face...

I'm embarrassed...the damage is to painful. I hate you.