Avenger Boyfriend Scenarios

Avenger Boyfriend Scenarios

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Erin Herondale! By Half_Coral_Watson Updated Feb 27, 2016

If you've ever wanted an Avenger as your boyfriend, this is the book for you!
~Pietro Maximoff
~Tony Stark
~Steve Rogers
~ Thor
~Clint Barton
~Bruce Banner

WARNING: I've never actually had a boyfriend before, BUT I've read about a thousand of these, so hopefully I'll be okay....

Just keep in mind that I am a new Avengers fan. If it's after The Winter Soldier, I've seen it. If it's Avengers: Assemble or Iron Man 1, I've seen it.

Eeeeraaaagoooon I love theeeeee! The whole seriiiiiies. And Saphira!
My friend took my account and read ONLY the bit with Tony Stark/Iron Man (SHE IS AN IRON MAN/TONY STARK PSYCHO MATE!!!)
                              P.S. She made my Wattpad account and thought it would be fun to make an entirely weird description...
I'm a female Loki....
                              I like green
                              And I have gold sequins and beads
JordanAkins0 JordanAkins0 Nov 21, 2016
"Yeah I'm with Y/n"
                              "Thanks Steve"
                              And that is how civil war started
*In the underworld you can hear a faint sneeze in its large castle*
4merctp 4merctp Jun 27, 2016
'You had a feeling it would be big, you just didn't think it would be this big.' 
                               That's what she said 😏