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Mate ( A Nalu Lemon Fanfic)

Mate ( A Nalu Lemon Fanfic)

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Lucy Heartfilia By KawaiiAoOtaku117 Updated Jun 24

Natsu doesn't seem to know about mating season. He didn't know that it was already starting. Sometimes he really wants Lucy. Lucy was curious on Natsu's behaviour. They went to an old library and she secretly found an old book about dragon slayers. Will she able to tell Natsu about this?

ME: No Santa OK....
                              SANTA POV
                                                      L E M O N
                              HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE HOE
                              I WILL BE COMING!
I honest to God came here for just a NaLu story I didn't know there would be lemons. It's 6:10 am I read NaLu and I'm like ok ize read.
Hello welcome to Mate Hotel where u see Nalu happen
                              Here us our food choices 
Natsu Dragneel what the HELL are you doing get your butt back here and Finnish what you started
" How was it Lucy"
                              In Lucy's Brain
                              HERE MIRA TELL THAT BITCHANNA TO BACK OFF!
He is the official boon sizer. Yes very very. Booby. Get it ahhh you know when you and y at the end and it's also what some people call a boob. Kill me plz