I'm no Princess (Scisaac AU)

I'm no Princess (Scisaac AU)

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The Den By Nobody_Max Updated Jun 30, 2016

Isaac Lahey is the school freak. Always wearing flower crowns and long sleeves, I mean a 6'3, tough looking, person... wearing a flower crown, it's just not something you would see everyday. His father abuses him whenever he's at home, so really, He's a person with a kind heart, until you piss him off.

Scott McCall, also known as the puppy of the school, willing to do almost anything (if not everything) for his friends, usually does without thinking and eats... a lot. He really loves animals and works as an assistant veterinarian.

Stiles Stilinski, trouble maker. End of story. He will joke around and reply with sarcastic comments, great actor but also really good with seeing if a person is trustworthy or not, usually judges on looks though which is bad.

Derek Hale, one of Scott and Stiles's friend, He lives with his uncle Peter and his dog: Hunter (German Shepherd), His job is to train or 'break' animals and by that i mean making them obey so he has a lot of experience with control.

When Derek first meets Isaac he is met with the impression that Isaac is an innocent boy, but what he finds out is surprising, Isaac being abused and anger issues (that he can control fairly well), When he let's Isaac be Derek follows Isaac to his house, watching as Isaac gets hit over and over again, He calls the police (Stiles's father) and reports it, Isaac's father get's arrested and Isaac is moved into Derek's close friend's house: Scott McCall.

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itsmejannie itsmejannie Sep 04, 2016
Scott, classic kind guy who is always willing to save and care about his friends or even random students in highschool lol
magicalsprite magicalsprite Jan 13, 2016
Oh my god, I love this! This story idea is soooo good. And you have executed it well my friend. So like, I have to know what happens, so I implore you to update, please. Much appreciated.
                              Ps: THIS IS SO GOOD!!! AAHHH!!!