You, Me and Summer -completed-

You, Me and Summer -completed-

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Kathleen By KathleenCuppen Completed

Bexley Adams was once a Senior. She had almost everything during her schooling years, yet it all dropped out when Summer started.

June, 2016 is Bexleys time to shine in the real world, no more social groups or grades. With a career already in her pocket there is no need for further education, so hello new life.

Or, not quite yet. As a certain blonde boy is still in her sights, and a cliche road trip is already planned.

So, what happens when it's just You, Me and Summer?

Cover made by @xDemonsFlowerx

(Rough draft)

bagoross bagoross Aug 17
That is exactly wat happens with me and my mom for having a messy wardrobe
😂😂😂😂 i swear imagine if that was on speaker. Her dad would be like "Maybe its not the boys we need to worry about" 😂
Yeah same ^ The characters weren't all introduced at the same time so it made it easier on us.
elloonami elloonami Apr 20, 2016
                              P.s i don't wanna sound like a pompous prat, just curiously pointing it out, no offense ^_^
When you're mum is so boss, and she goes against your dad 😎😎
Jay_The_Reaper Jay_The_Reaper Jul 27, 2016
I don't find it busy at all, in fact I thought it was chill.