Chameleon In New York

Chameleon In New York

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M By MNJGreenhill Completed

Sydney has managed to rebuild her life from the ashes and forge one that is filled with secrets and half-truths.  She has given up hope of ever finding someone who would see her for who she really is - not the daughter of the man responsible for destroying countless lives.  So why is she so affected by the one man who has tarred her with the same brush as her father?

Ethan McMasters only has time in his life for one thing: Work.   After a chance encounter, he find himself drawn to a woman he is convinced is as crooked as the man who sired her.  There's something about the elusive and feisty woman that has him determined to uncover the enigma that surrounds her like a veil.

But in unlocking her secrets, will he discover more than he bargained for?

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Loner1818 Loner1818 Oct 17
i love to observer....i'm quick to notices things and people , therefore i love to watch people and study them
Reading this for the third time!! Always coming back to this book! 😁☺️ I love it way too much hahah xx
Loner1818 Loner1818 Oct 17
*coughs awkwardly* "M-OH look *looks at the watch * M-My Doggy...TUrtle is telling is hungrY--Yeah hungry bye
*pours drink onto jerk* So (not) sorry. Muscle spasm! I'll excuse myself. Bye now! Jerk.
Loner1818 Loner1818 Oct 17
am i a fatty if i instantly thought of Mac and cheese from Mcdonalds