Finding him

Finding him

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Sequel to Alpha Warrior. If you haven't read the previous book, please do otherwise this book will be confusing.


 "you banished a vulnerable woman with three innocent children?" I asked horrified at his actions, he looked at me a small smile gracing his lips " you make a good alpha" he said completely unrelated to my question, I raised an eyebrow "no mater how much you ignore it, the elephant in the room will still remain" I said glancing him. 

" no I banished a lying bitch that ruined my life and I was nice and offered for her children to be adopted and stay within the safety of the pack, it was her choice to keep them and put them in danger. " he corrected, I rolled my eyes chuckling,

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bananatubey bananatubey Dec 29, 2017
Didn’t he admit to saying he would have went all the way if Tristan hadn’t knocked? Well.. implied but still >:(
smja111 smja111 Jun 08, 2017
Doesnt matter if u didnt go all the way. Kissing is also cheating
apple55445 apple55445 Apr 10, 2017
                              IF YOU LIKE IT YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT A RING ON IT! 
                              DON'T BE MAD WHEN YOU SEE THAT HE WANT IT! 
                              IF YOU LIKED SHOULD HAVE PUT A RING ON IT!
                              I probably need some sleep. Btw, I just read other book beginning to end.
TashaTash19 TashaTash19 Sep 05, 2017
Omg I didn't mean to read it like that! Why am I cursed with such a dirty mind
FreddyFagBear FreddyFagBear Dec 06, 2016
I am soooo sorry! 😐 Like I didn't mean to think that way it happened.
2bWanted 2bWanted Sep 12, 2016
Oh my goodness please, I've already found about ten grammar and spelling mistakes. Please fix this!