Supernatural Daddy Daughter Preferences

Supernatural Daddy Daughter Preferences

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TeenWolfForever1 By TeenWolfForever1 Updated Oct 03, 2016

Dean- He holds you in his arms as you drift off to sleep. "Y/N, a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl," he says.

Sam- "Oh, baby girl, stop crying," he begs as you cry. He then unintentionally makes a funny face, making you giggle. He kisses your forehead. "I love you, Y/N." 

Castiel- He pops into the motel room Sam and Dean are staying at to see them taking care of a crying baby.

"What's going on?"

"This baby won't stop crying," Dean complained.

"Give her to me," Cas demanded. As soon as you were in his arms, you stopped crying.

"How did-"

"Why do you have a baby?"

"Her parents were killed by a demon we were hunting," Sam explained.

"What's her name?"

"We don't know."

"Well, from now on, I guess I'll be taking care of Y/N," he said.

"Y/N?" Dean asked.

"Yes, I quite like that name."

Gabriel- He was walking by a park when he heard crying from a bench. He walked over to see what was going on and found you in a box with a paper next to you.

He picks it up and reads it. ...

Hopefully if I was Cas' daughter my first word would be "assbutt"
I’m in class and i. Came to this part when the room went quiet and started laughing so hard. Now my class thinks I’m crazy
Bro why y'all tryna kill me smh come at me well come at Crowley u wanker
Just imagine:
                              Me: (in demonic voice) FEED ME SLAVE!
                              Lucifer: Yes master! (Rushes to get me food before I devour his being)
"Come on, Sam. We're going out."
                              "But the vampires..."
                              "I SAID WE'RE GOING OUT!"
Let's all be honest with our selves. If he found a baby he wouldn't take care of it, he would torture it while laughing hysterically.