Things Not To Do In Dangan Ronpa

Things Not To Do In Dangan Ronpa

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OJ Hope N'Games By KomaHinaNami Updated May 24, 2016


Komaeda: Komaeda yes!
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I don't know what to write, since the tittle is pretty self-explanatory. :3 

Here are some ground rules (some things you'll expect):

1) Just don't mention anything about hope (or bagels) in front of Komaeda.

2) Don't challenge Akane to a fight (unless you want her to re-challenge you to a duel and beat you up all over again).

3) Don't kidnap...or should I say 'petnap' Gundam's hamsters.

Gundam: You fool! They're not merely hamsters, they're my Four Dark Devas of Destruction muhaahaa!

Me: ...Got it! 

4) Unless you want a .45 caliber bullet in you, I would not recommend calling Fuyuhiko short or a baby-faced gangsta. #FuyuhikoDoesntMessAround

And last but not least, is rule number 5!

5) Don't steal any of Aoi's donuts.

There will be more rules as time goes on!

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Pillow524 Pillow524 Jun 16, 2017
That donut is about to be penetrated. Hehehhehehehehhehhehehe
Karisa-Kiron_Soriano Karisa-Kiron_Soriano May 02, 2017
*tries not to laugh like a maniac and starts wheezing* HOOOLYY XDDD
hiyokobean hiyokobean Feb 01
^^Above me are three comments, only one is talking about how they love Hiyoko. bless you
Hey Leon, don't got the balls to deal with them? Or are you just trying to go right off the bat? >:)
Sorry? What did you say Makoto and Hajime? I'm just pulled your ahoge
                              Makoto and Hajime: JESUS