Just Breathe

Just Breathe

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Hannah Nicole By NiallsJournal Updated Mar 18

I'll never forget that day. That day the doctor told me, I, Niall Horan, had cancer. Cancer. That awful, deadly disease that we all pray we never have to live with. I had it. It was there. Living, growing inside me like a weed. Tearing me apart, sucking the life out of me, trying to destroy me mentally and physically, trying to kill me from the inside out. Somehow I got it. Somehow my nearly perfect life was suddenly turned upside down. 

This is my life now. I'm just a shell of a person riddled with cancer being suffocated by doctors. All I can do now is try and be one of the few that make it of the battle between life and death alive. 

*this book contains mild language that may not be appropriate for all audiences*


"This fic is awesome I love all of it, like we're on the 27 chapter an it's as exciting or even more than the first one it never loses the drama and it's a different love story, brotherly love that makes it special!" ~@Horan3044

"I've cried so much throughout this book" ~@daddynhoran

"You've successfully made me cry, well done" ~@Abistringer1

"Please update I've become addicted to your books!" ~@magconando2I

"WHHHHHHHY It's so good but so sad!" ~NicoleRankin1

"OMG I literally am crying a fooking river right now. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!" ~@LarryStylionson9491 

"Haha at the start I was a teary mess and at the end I was laughing really hard! Great job" ~@Horan3044

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romione2004 romione2004 Mar 03
I love how all of us from all over the world can connect over something as simple (or complicated) as 1D fan fiction.
romione2004 romione2004 Mar 03
Aw i was really hoping that Zayn would be in this book.😢 but i hope he’s at least in some chapters!
TeenWolf-Directioner TeenWolf-Directioner Jun 18, 2017
Now we've got bad blood, you know we used to be mad love now look what you've done. Now we've got bad blood ! Sorry I needed to 😂😂
m4dl4a m4dl4a Jun 29, 2017
OMG. I was dying when i read this... sweethearts... 💔😍😜
Czech Republic (my dad is from zambia and mum is from czechia)
Sterreliza Sterreliza Feb 11, 2017
Even though I'm very late at this story I Will answer every question. I'm a Dutchie