Chaos (discontinued)

Chaos (discontinued)

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sally louise By sallyr5 Updated Oct 14, 2016

You'd think a game of Ouija would be the last thing Scott and his pack would play after having just put  up with dread doctors, blood thirsty Chimeras and a psychotic teenager by the name of Theo, but that is exactly what they do when Liam has the idea that he might be able to contact Hayden somehow with this board game. The game takes a turn for the worst however and doesn't contact Hayden but instead attracts the attention of an anger driven Nogitsune who decides to bring out the void in Stiles once again.

With just a few weeks before the end of senior year, will Scott and his pack get their friend Stiles back or will they use his newfound evil powers against Theo when he returns to Beacon Hills for revenge?

Authors Note:
As you may guess, this is a continued story line from season 5A. I know there may be a few little mistakes (like the fact Lydia isn't in her catatonic state anymore or the fact Sheriff Stilinski is totally fine and isn't recovering in hospital) but just bare with me.
I do not own any of these characters (all rights go to the creators of Teen Wolf) but this is my very own version of a Teen Wolf story so please do not copy any of it and claim it as your own :) I've spent hours planning the plot for this book.

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indianastilinski indianastilinski Jun 05, 2017
Yes but with friends, at broad daylight and definitely not at some creepy place because hell no
mayaqueeniegrey mayaqueeniegrey Apr 22, 2017
They would have been sitting there for a long asś time for that sentence
Ashtim_aemeon Ashtim_aemeon Nov 07, 2016
Yeah Iv watched enough horror movies and supernatural to not play with those things 
                              If a friend suggested it I would stand up and through the thing out a window and walk the fuçk out because I'm. It fûcking dying tonight 
                              Spirits can suck my di.....
gretacorveta gretacorveta Mar 03, 2016
Ouija is an evil game I wonder who is shaking Stiles to wake up