The Devil Within (Newtmas)

The Devil Within (Newtmas)

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It was the 17th of October, 2015, when Thomas was checked into River State Mental hospital. He liked to think that he was insane, and maybe he really was. 

But a certain blonde with brown eyes made him wish he'd never get his sanity back, because being mental meant staying with him forever if he desired.

That same blonde he found himself falling for, and maybe having barely any sanity left in himself and having someone equally insane right beside him meant that their love could be wild and reckless and completely, well, mental.

And maybe that wasn't all too bad.

This story is fiction made up by me, any resemblance to real life events are unintentional. Newt and Thomas are not my own characters. They belong to James Dashner. Neither is Stiles Stilinski, who belongs to Jeff Davis.

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allthegayshipss allthegayshipss Nov 28, 2017
You know what, stiles, just go jump in a pool and stop being a lil pest for a second please
i just love Stiles' character; you've captured the essence of void!stiles, along with the nogitsune itself. applause, to yourself.
Hope-and-Believe Hope-and-Believe Jul 16, 2017
I kind of want Stiles to just massively ship them together and defend them constantly. Like, beat up anyone that insults them and stuff.
tmr_tts_tw tmr_tts_tw Jan 09
I don’t have insomnia but I have trouble falling asleep and I always feel tired throughout the day. Once I stayed awake the whole night cuz I couldn’t sleep
tmr_tts_tw tmr_tts_tw Jan 09
30 minute break just came on and it is my favourite song and it Thomas Sangster in the music video
bobs_bugs_begone bobs_bugs_begone Jul 04, 2017