I Dare You (The Amazing Spiderman Fan Fiction)

I Dare You (The Amazing Spiderman Fan Fiction)

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Sanfxnsokyo By sanfrxnsokyo09 Updated Sep 15, 2015

"Well I probably wanna get out of here before the boys in blue show up, and by the way, is this yours?" Spiderman handed me my guitar that I didn't know had fallen on the ground. 

"Oh yeah thanks." I took it from him. 

"Maybe you can play for me sometime." He said. 

I blushed and looked at the ground. "Maybe." I replied but looked back up to see no one was there. 

I ran out of the store just in time to see him swinging through the air around the corner, probably of to stop another robbery. 

I smiled and began walking home. Spiderman... Who are you?

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