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Arachne's Daughter (Death The Kid X Reader

Arachne's Daughter (Death The Kid X Reader

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shingeki_no_alena By shingeki_no_alena Updated Jan 12

(Y/N) is Arachne's daughter and she lives to work alongside her mother as an evil witch. She also, would do anything for her mother to be proud of her. She is working with her mother on a plan to kill Death The Kid and maybe his friends if they are lucky.

What happens when a certain shinigami comes to kill her? 

And to make things worse, (Y/N) finds a little bit of feelings for Kid which causes her to have trouble deciding between good and evil.

Does Kid have a little bit of feelings for  (Y/N)? You want to know what happens? Read and find out! 

I do not own any Soul Eater characters or you but I do own certain OCs that pop up throughout the story. I also do not own any pictures of the OCs.

LaurineLovedude LaurineLovedude Dec 26, 2016
Hey I'm from Spain (but I know a little bit of english) and I love death the kid and how is your story going sooo... i'm going to continue... :)