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When No One Else Can See Your Pain (BTS Jhope Fanfic)

When No One Else Can See Your Pain (BTS Jhope Fanfic)

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My Faceu By StevenIsaac7 Completed


Adalyn was your average, shy girl. She cared about her grades and stuck to herself most of her days. She put on a smile everyday so that she could maybe hide the pain that lurks in her tiny body. See was almost invisible to everyone that walked past her. She didn't care to have friends, she felt they would make her life more complicated Than it already was. 
When you first glance at her you would expect the cheerful girl that she made you believe she was. But, when you look deeper you can clearly see all of the pain she holds back. Her abusive alcoholic brother causes her life physical pain and no one has ever cared.. Or noticed. 
Will an accident at work, change her life for the better.. Or worse?

_Yaoi_Everywhere_ _Yaoi_Everywhere_ 12 hours ago
I wake up at 6 to go to school. I would kill to wake up at 7.15
I am surprised that the entire place isn't a disaster zone now
Last time i woke up for about 7:00am and My service will pick me up at 7:30am and class starts at 8:00am LMAOOO
AmethystDoesRps AmethystDoesRps 2 days ago
I woke up at 8 for school and on weekends/over break at noon
_Yaoi_Everywhere_ _Yaoi_Everywhere_ 11 hours ago
You know what was annoyinh when I worked in a shop?
                              People where literally thinking I was below them and when someone run against me, they scolded me that I ran against them. Also someone dropped a thing and told my manager it was my fault. I am so happy that i dont work there anymore
layds281 layds281 Jun 09
I wake up around 7 am and go to school before 8 or 8:10 am.
                              One time, I woke up at like 8:02 am and wow luckily I came to school at 8:20 and my class starts at 8:30