Where Did My Life Go So Horribly Wrong? ~ K-Project Fanfiction

Where Did My Life Go So Horribly Wrong? ~ K-Project Fanfiction

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Foxghost By shifty_ghost Updated Jun 29, 2016

Has been on hiatus but will continue with updates in August 2017~

Where did my life go so horribly wrong? One minute I'm casually walking down the street, just minding my own business. Next minute, I'm shimmying up a light pole with a gang circling at the bottom yelling profanities. Never have I been so grateful for sport shorts...

After getting lost in Shizume City, Sorra gets herself in a pretty bad situation that leads to her getting stuck up a light pole. But luckily for her, she happens to have juice box with her, and it's also lucky that some of the Homra guys happen to pass by as well.

                              Ha ha Mi..Sa..Ki
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Oct 12, 2016
Re-reading because I'm into K again and this book is freaking EPIC!!! XD
Revi_Rev Revi_Rev Nov 29, 2016
Heheheheh suckers, she had a juice box, probably didn't see that . . .
Crystal013 Crystal013 Dec 18, 2016
Yes they're totally upset they don't  have a juice box lol :'))
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Jul 19, 2016
Yay I'm.a.gay reference........oh sorry it's Yag.a.mi who said that
crazy4u75 crazy4u75 Sep 12, 2016
Are you Fûcking kidding me!!! Bravo! Amazing! This book is now one of my favorites!!