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RoaringClaw By opisiteside Updated Aug 30, 2015

Me: Hey everyone! Don't get too mad at me, because this is my FIRST EVER warrior cats mating-

Oakheart: Yeah, yeah, yeah.. Can we just get on with the story?

Bluestar: Yes, I am excited to-

Me: OK, OK, OK. Be patient-

Oakheart: NEVER!

Me: Jeeesh. Alright, enjoy!

Bluefur sat with Oakheart on the tall tree, the branches swaying in the wind. The moon beamed brightly down onto the two cats, lighting up Oakheart's eyes. Bluefur knew she was deeply in love with the Riverclan cat, and she shamed herself every day for it. But she couldn't bring herself to stop seeing him every night, even if it meant missing her sleep. 

"Wouldn't you like to do this every night?" Whispered Oakheart. Bluefur flicked his nose with her tail playfully, 

"don't you think you would get bored?" 

"No.. at least not with you," Oakheart purred and twined his tail with hers. 

Bluefur felt a wave of longing in her chest, her heart filled with sadness that they were in different clans. She was angry that s...

Dewpour Dewpour Jan 26
Ooohhh! I loved it! But can I have a request? cinderPaw x FireHeart? Rape to love?
sunnytyler sunnytyler Oct 18, 2015
Please so RavenpawXTigerstar and BrokenstarXMintkitXMarigoldki plzzz