Holding The Eldest Son's Child?!(Shu x Reader)(A Diabolik Lover's Fan Fic)

Holding The Eldest Son's Child?!(Shu x Reader)(A Diabolik Lover's Fan Fic)

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SoulEater_vampfan22 By SoulEater_vampfan22 Updated Apr 18, 2016

It was Shu's birthday so you were his present which meant he could do whatever he wanted with you so "things" happened that night. Suddenly you find out that you are expecting soon. You should know what it means well if not it means you're pregnant with his baby. You don't want to tell him but soon figure that you have to. What will happen once you tell him? Or will you keep it a secret and try to deal with it yourself? Can Shu accept his fate of being a father?

Shu Fans I Hope You Enjoy 

You know what to do if you like it. plus~ YOU ARE YOU IN THIS STORY OF COURSE~

Enjooooy Again  :D

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ItzTwinkleChannnnnn ItzTwinkleChannnnnn Oct 21, 2017
                              Godamnit laito....
Evethebunny Evethebunny Jul 14, 2017
The one time Shu actually takes his clothes off 😂😂😂
ThirstyHoeForYoongi ThirstyHoeForYoongi May 09, 2017
Jesus Christ Shu&Reader~Chan be fuckin' like rabbits ._________.
SatansPain SatansPain May 05, 2017
Shu was naked in the chair.. With.. A crown on... u should have made that fabulous fake character wear a princess crown...
K_pop_trash1031 K_pop_trash1031 Jun 29, 2017
Kinky aren't you?? But don't rip it off be nice and save my outfit
WakaSushi-chan WakaSushi-chan Aug 08, 2016
What did u put in the wine guys seriously guys this is getting scary