The Zodiac Life

The Zodiac Life

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thank you By unicornpig Updated Jan 16, 2016

When the twelve Zodiac signs are turned into humans, trapped in a house that seems to be trying to kill them, what will happen?


A/N: Yeah, I know. I suck at descriptions. Anyway, this is going to be pretty much an inside joke for everyone who likes astrology. You'll find out why.

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BookKitten13 BookKitten13 May 08, 2017
Sigh, i have 3 girl scorpio friends who do not seem like scorpios. Maybe im not looking deep enough into their personality?
tbhMoosic_ tbhMoosic_ Mar 13, 2017
I would've been suspicious of the wall before I leaned up against it, tbh
ColorChangingEyes ColorChangingEyes Apr 18, 2017
I am disappointed. Cancer is a boy. Das alright though, your story not mine. Alright I'll shut up now.
TheDumbo TheDumbo Jun 24, 2017
Ahem, actually...Gemini are usually energetic and easy to talk to..but they aren't soft spoken...they talk WAYYY to much.
                              (Btw I'm a Gemini..)
Midnight_52 Midnight_52 Aug 22, 2017
I'm a Scorpio and so yeah, the only thing I'm not is jealous.
KiwiMehNinjia KiwiMehNinjia Jul 09, 2016
Time to break a window BÍTCHES lets get thee Fùck out of this joint