The Midsummer Fair

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Lynette Sofras By ManicScribbler Updated 4 years ago
I am losing my mind – literally!  I have these strange, prophetic dreams which seem to be draining my life, at least my past, which I can only remember in fragments.  And I have no-one to turn to for help.  Except Torley, but he is no friend, though he sometimes claims to be; and the midsummer fair on the common, which is full of strange folk.  And I don’t think they are my friends either, though they sometimes claim to be.
    Torley tells me I can’t influence the future; that what happens in my dreams is already a reality.  He is a magus, a wizard, a master of illusion, who claims to know everything.  But I don’t believe him.  I know that if I can find the people I dream of and prevent the catastrophes which destiny has dictated for them, then I will find myself again.  All I need is to be that bit smarter than my enemy, Torley.
Came here from another of your stories (The Apple Tree); interesting to see a different genre from the same author.  Looking forward to reading the rest of this one too.