It was always you, Potter...

It was always you, Potter...

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DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters, original work of J K Rowling

It's the second year after the resurrection of the triwizard tournament . Harry is now honored with a new title and finds himself in a another year at Hogwarts with his life on the line. Little does he know a little ferret is watching from the sidelines....

Tree_Killer_ Tree_Killer_ Dec 05, 2016
Honestly what I would've said was: 
                              "Well he would've been dead if I didn't do what I did so you should be thanking me for saving your little "Duddy".
Okami-san12 Okami-san12 Jan 12
🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 oh yes....... Your wand.
Good bye innocence.... You  always were pretty useless anyways
that awkward moment when you actually wouldn't want to read it...
For a second, I didn't know what those last two sentences meant... then I realized what he meant and had an 'OMG' moment... I kinda feel disappointed in myself for knowing what that means...
FandomsAtTheDisco FandomsAtTheDisco Dec 29, 2016
My impression of the story usually comes from the first two paragraphs or so.  Ignoring the fact that a lot of the words are used incorrectly, I like the way it's written