It was always you, Potter...

It was always you, Potter...

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DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters, original work of J K Rowling

It's the second year after the resurrection of the triwizard tournament . Harry is now honored with a new title and finds himself in a another year at Hogwarts with his life on the line. Little does he know a little ferret is watching from the sidelines....

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Everyone is talking about evil so...
                              Long live the evil queen!!! 🍎
I swear I’ve read this fic before..... not unlikely considering this is a good fanfic
Is okay Dray sadly we understand better than anyone what how hard fictional love is
A_Spoonful_Of_Salt A_Spoonful_Of_Salt Oct 19, 2017
Ron maybe wrote the address for draco???
                              Wait... That doesn't make sense
Yesssssss, finally , I'm free from my prison of no Drarry!!!!!!!!!!! * Maniacal Laughing *