Spilling The Truth ~ Drarry Fanfic

Spilling The Truth ~ Drarry Fanfic

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AnonymousDeathEater By AnonymousDeathEater Updated Sep 01, 2015

This involves boyxboy relationships and violence, if you don't feel comfortable, don't read it. 

When harry is being bullied in Potions class he gets pushed into Draco causing the contents of the cauldron he was holding all over Draco. The potion reacts with something in the blonde's brain making it so it feels as if someone is casting the crucio spell on him if he tells even the whitest of lies. 

The book is better than the prologue, trust meh!!


ghunter33 ghunter33 Jan 07
Ginny no one really cares about you so how about you get some kind of terminal illness or something so u get attention?
expectopetr0va expectopetr0va Sep 12, 2016
Somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence 😊😏
GracieZangrilli GracieZangrilli Aug 11, 2016
Ginny is me when someone tells me i have to have human interaction or that I have to actually talk to my family
LaurensIsBae LaurensIsBae Oct 09, 2016
Has anyone noticed in all Drarry fan fictions Ronald either is really supportive or he hates it he makes Harry's life miserable same goes for Hermione, and one time Ginny
LadyKat24 LadyKat24 Jan 06
Ok, can I just say that Hermione totally ships Drarry. Like in every single fanfic I've ever read lol
DracoMalfoyyyyyy DracoMalfoyyyyyy Dec 11, 2016
The real question is why are you thinking Draco is cute when hr was just being a full on dick