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Missing in Action

Missing in Action

12K Reads 260 Votes 25 Part Story
Ryden LJ Fics By rydenLJfics Completed


Authors: Jamie and Danie
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Warnings: Violence, underaged sex, minor character death, language, AU.

Summary: The Civil War didn't bring reconciliation and a United States like most everyone would have hoped. Instead, it separated the States in north and south, respectively The Democratic Union Republic of America with New York City as it's capital, and The Confederation of America, centered in Jackson, Missouri. After the war ended, TCA was left a mess and there were still scattered fights for power until Civil War general Beauregard, most commonly known from the fabled Battle of Shiloh, managed to unite the people under his power. Beauregard was elected King, his descendants were to follow him for as long as the country, now Kingdom, existed, and the name was changed to Beauregia in honor of the man who had 'saved' the people. Subsequently, the two countries developed in two very different directions. Border strives would break out every so often and war was declared at least twice a century. No one bothered themselves with the fact that the two countries were once one. Beauregia didn't change much. Their economical foundation was agriculture and cheap labor. Slavery was never banned and the kingdom was ruled under tight, Christian leadership.
DURA on the other hand developed quickly, became based on new technology and democratic ideas. A global country, which housed the UN and was the international center of informative technologies and diplomacy. Only throughout the twentieth century were the disputes buried and a united front raised through first the World Wars and later on The Cold War. But now, eighteen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism an international threat, the rift has once again grown deep between the two countries and open war is once more stirring beneath the surface. The future of both countries is entrusted to two bright young men. Fortunately, nothing is ever as it seems.

Oh_Cheez_Whiz Oh_Cheez_Whiz Aug 08, 2016
(Of the closest, for you dirty minded people out there😏😂)
myvaccumhatesme myvaccumhatesme Sep 26, 2016
My personality is literally Tobias' too, except I don't have blond hair and I only have abs and legs
gottta-blast gottta-blast Sep 09, 2016
Internet friends are dangerous ot sometimes perverts. I learned the learned the hard way.
megan3hunna megan3hunna Feb 14
                              SHE PAINTS HER FINGERS WITH A CLOSE PRECISION 
                              HE STARTS TO NOTICE EMPTY BOTTLES OF GIN
myvaccumhatesme myvaccumhatesme Sep 26, 2016
Ay, das me, I said that
                              Ah, I love having my name in stories