Fire with fire. (Eric, Divergent / Book 1)

Fire with fire. (Eric, Divergent / Book 1)

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Here I was, sitting in my room in my family home, staring at the white wall and books scattered across my desk. I wasn't coming back, but no one had to know that. Yet. I'm pretty sure my brother, Allister or Alli, is going to stay right where he is. In the compound of Erudite. Forever. Unlike me. I'm sick of this place. The same corridors, the same four walls, the same people. I need a change. A big change. 

"Brayden! It's time to go!" My mother shouted from the other room. Time for the choosing ceremony. My mother had always been very protective but she always seen my side of the story. We were on the same side for most things. 


Our family all walked towards the Hub together, probably for the last time as a family. The streets were very crowded and so was the Hub. 

"Hello Mr. And Mrs. Brooks." Jeanine said once we were inside, giving us a fake smile. 

"Hello Jeanine, how are you?" My mother said giving her a fake smile back. I smirked at that but quickly wiped it off so no on...

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loev19 loev19 Apr 19, 2017
It s3ems like the same story as divergent just different names so far
Tbaker12 Tbaker12 Jan 25, 2016