Kids. (Gerard Way)

Kids. (Gerard Way)

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Gerard knows his other daughter was out there waiting for him. He knows it. He left her behind for the band. Then, Lyn-Z and Bandit came in, he had to let the band go. Now he just wonders where his daughter is, she could live in Canada for all he knows.

He just wants to see her face one more time...

Rain was different from her family, she just knows she was adopted. Now she wonders who her real parents are, hell she may even have real siblings. Rain just wants to know.

She just wants to see her real parents one more time....


AdriannaDias AdriannaDias Dec 15, 2016
You got the sass and the eyeliner skills. You're defiantly his kid
XxGerardsPiexX XxGerardsPiexX Dec 29, 2016
Am I the only one who actually read sass? But then again, not surprised if she actually inherited that beautiful thing attached to him. Yep. His ass.
aestheticjishwaa aestheticjishwaa Oct 18, 2016
XxGerardsPiexX XxGerardsPiexX Dec 29, 2016
He panicked at the disco and ran into Brendon Urie. Now everyone hates him bc he keeps doing the wrong things.
Chickeee8 Chickeee8 20 hours ago
He can't be my dad cuz my voice can barely reach the key change during the bridge of the black parade
IBabyKilljoyI IBabyKilljoyI Sep 29, 2016
Got a good look at my face didn't cha. 😂😂😂 
                              Lol no she's your daughter so she must be beautiful- why am I talking to myself.