Bertram's Niece

Bertram's Niece

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KT Rivera By Kingdomkeeper12 Completed

When Bertram's niece comes to visit him. The Ross's wonder why but only Bertram knows why. His sister past away and her husband went to his other family leaving his daughter only. She went to Bertram because he's the only family she has left.

But when the kids find out who she actually is they freak out

Who is she and what will they find out about her?

Dang Ravi 💀! Did know you had it in you to call dibs 😂
Also know as sweatpants and a t-shirt? Yeah I'm good with that.
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GAMERS GUIDE TO ANYTHING AM I RIGHT? No? Ya know.. Cameron Boyce stared as the main character? No? You don't know? Well now you do... yea.. anyways.. Ima just go..
What if they were zues posiden hades and the one that is older would be kronos
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*hums* I would have gone for another Greek name but having one that sticks out is cool to