The Boss

The Boss

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Madi By A_Lovely_Mess_ Updated Aug 15, 2017

Warning: This story is not to be viewed by anyone under the age of 17. This story contains BDSM, sexual assault, drug use, and age difference/ underage sex. Read at your own discretion. 

Autumn is 17 when her parents get divorced and her mom moves to South Carolina with her new boyfriend. Her dad is jobless and suffering from a broken heart when they start drowning in their debt. Their house is taken by the bank giving them a month to find a new home or live on the streets. When Autumn's dad finds a job as the live in handyman at the notorious business man, playboy, and rumored mob boss, Jay Vaillant's summer home, she is thankful just to have a roof over her head. What happens when Jay comes to stay for the summer and disrupts the peaceful nature of the huge rustic home? Will he take a special liking to Autumn or will he make it his job to break the spirited young girl?

This is my first story so please give it a chance I'll try to make it as good as possible!

  • bdsm
  • depression
  • older
  • rich
  • young
17_JAB 17_JAB Aug 23, 2017
What about the people to skinny to be models. But well said.
SuicidalBloodyBlunts SuicidalBloodyBlunts Nov 28, 2017
I live in Wilkes-Barre and literally it’s so cold that my and my sister got used to it and we play in the snow in tee shirts and shorts lmao
- - Nov 16, 2016
I'm enjoying it so far. I prefer short chapters because of being busy. I write mine short too.
                              Definitely enjoying it. I'll be back soon to read more. S x