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Wrath To Come #watty2016

Wrath To Come #watty2016

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anime_kpoptrash By naruto_saves_me Updated Aug 30, 2016

From the start of Team 7's career it was always the exact same thing. The three of them would show up at the time that Kakashi had specified, they would wait two hours for the masked man to show up, and when he finally did arrive he would give some lame ass excuse on how 'A cat crossed his path' or 'he got lost on the road of life', afterwards they would go to the Hokage tower to receive their D-rank mission where HE would do all the work while the rest of his team, his so called comrades, would sit on the sidelines and watch him struggle to finish the mission. Once the mission was over they would go through 'Teamwork Exercises' where he and Sakura would spar Sasuke and Kakashi would give the damn Uchiha pointers on how to fix his form.

Once the official training sessions were over, he would leave along with Sakura while Kakashi took Sasuke to a secret training ground where he would personally train the Uchiha in Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu...hell, he even taught him some basic K...

lilbitfoxy lilbitfoxy Apr 26
Dude, respect maybe. Would you want someone kicking your dead body? No. So don't do it to someone else, Damn
KamalSheets KamalSheets Jun 30, 2016
*silent tears rolling down my face* A moment of silence, for Haku-chan. Now that that's out of the way, who wants to take part in the hunt for Kakashi and Sasuke so we can gouge their special eyes out and replace them with their OWN GODDAMN BALLS!
IllbeRaven IllbeRaven Feb 20
Nah dude... He's the container of my pretzels! Of course he's the container of the power demon that will destroy you. Now bow down at his feet and kiss it!!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Wolfy_The_Killer Wolfy_The_Killer Aug 29, 2016
I literally just yelled out "YES.. QUIVER IN FEAR B!TCHES!!!"  Hahaha
I wonder why he would be upset that he's been neglected and treated horrible after trying so hard to protect the village and everyone in it. He's so inconsiderate.
SaniyaMoosvi SaniyaMoosvi Nov 14, 2016
i wonder why i've been neglecting this fanfic for so long...its AWESOME!