Shikamaru x reader

Shikamaru x reader

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I do not own any of the naruto characters or anything naruto related. I hope you enjoy.

   "And here I thought I would be assigned a mission but instead the hokage tells me to take a break. Well I do need to go get groceries and I guess I could go visit..." you kept mumbling to yourself until you bumped into someone.

   "Oh, hey ____, what are you doing this late of hour?" Asked one of your closes friends Shikamaru Nara, which in fact you shared an apartment with. "I was just headed to the apartment, what about you?" You ask. "I just felt like taking a walk." Though you can tell he's lying. "So why are you really out this late?" You ask more curious. "Fine, I got worried because you had not returned home yet, so I was gonna look for you." He says with a blush on his face. You stare at him for a second with a blush forming on your face as well, then you started to giggle.

  'Why do I feel like this when she laughs. It's like my heart aches when I'm around her. ...

But I'm gonna go with The Last Shift
                              That movie kinds freaked me.  Lots of jump scares
nemuriia nemuriia Apr 08
You know you can always do (Y/N) then doing that underscore for it right? right??!
Kaydance1fun Kaydance1fun Sep 16, 2017
Sorry but you is started in the 2nd prospective along with we
Omg if you like horror movies you should watch Clown it's so interesting like the storyline is great
                              I can't have a nickname
                              MY NAME IS THREE LETTERS LONG
                              WHAT NICKNAME IS THERE FOR THE NAME CHI
                              Imma just say Chika to go with Shika
                              Perfect couple
CryBaby_Senpai CryBaby_Senpai Jul 16, 2016
Me scared easily, I quickly turn a horror movie into a comedy