Satan's Little Helper

Satan's Little Helper

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It all started with a harmless little wish.

Now, Christie is stuck in Hell.

Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture.

Now, Christie is Satan's Little Helper.


Warning: This book may contain mature themes. Read at your own risk.

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averya7x averya7x Jul 23
Can't stop thinking about when Satan literally dressed up as santa in an episode of supernatural. Oh, Luci. That is why I love Mark Pellegrino
averya7x averya7x Jul 23
Yes, mother can I be Luci's little helper? He would just make sarcastic remarks about how short I was, and would probably torture me, to get information on the Winchesters.
RubySchnee RubySchnee Aug 21
I leave at 7:25 and the bell rings at 7:45. I walk. Takes me 12 to walk.
CharmiGal CharmiGal Jun 26
She is me right now. I am her right now. Nothing will change that.
*inhales and puts hands together as if praying*
                              *points hands forward* 
Hooihooihooi Hooihooihooi 6 days ago
Wake up at 7 when planning on waking up at 6:30 an leave at 8:05