My Dragon

My Dragon

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Tayla A. Hughes By tayla-anne Updated Dec 21, 2017

The creatures haunt my dreams, prowling around. They strike like Cobras and sting like bees. They're my enemy, but yet they are what saves my life in the end. 

This creature, although majestic and beautiful has a heart of ice. By far the coldest heart I've ever met.  I work with them, but against them. 

My bond fighting against its own kind, for me. 


Bound by love and compassion. Bound by fury and passiveness. The creatures. One, with wings the other, a flightless human. Bound together, forever. 

If one dies the other will follow..

Fire, Ice, Earth, Air and Gold. 

You cannot choose for your dragon will resemble you. 

You are one with your dragon. 


Not good at descriptions. But please read you won't be disappointed.

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XhappydayzX XhappydayzX Feb 11
Dude I just calmed down, why are you giving me another heart attack?
XhappydayzX XhappydayzX Feb 11
This is really unique and cool, so..: GOTTA CATCH EM ALL, DRAGONMON! Sorry.
XhappydayzX XhappydayzX Feb 11
Wth dude WHAAAT. I'm so shook rn. Give me a minute to process this...
buddy227 buddy227 Sep 19, 2017
cool your good and I think better than I can write, but I would love it if you checked out my page/book that I'm writing for suggstions
Champions24 Champions24 Sep 23, 2016
I think this is cool but I was wondering that if it's a mutual bond that of the dragons can connect or are okay with being cramped in a ball or is it like, 'doctor who reference' the tardis?(bigger on the inside)
addicted2dragons addicted2dragons May 01, 2016
Hi Tayla! I think your story is off to a great start! My favorite part of this chapter was how you described the five different types of dragons in your word, and the kind of power their breath holds. I thought that was really creative!! Keep up the good work!