Cinder and the Stone Man | A Cinderella Story

Cinder and the Stone Man | A Cinderella Story

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There are some things that Druella Haveheart, orphaned daughter of eccentric inventor Victor Haveheart, is not allowed to do:
1. Ask questions about her father, who died in mysterious circumstances.
2. Ask questions about her mother, who died in childbirth.
3. Disobey her vile stepmother, who usurped Dru's home and relegated her to the role of a servant.
4. Outshine her stepsister Ana in any way, especially in front of the opposite sex. Especially if they're royal.
5. Touch a broom, which, as everyone knows, is the true test of being a witch.

Resigned to her fate as the cindergirl, Dru's only joys in life are the secret rendezvous to visit the stone gargoyle on the roof and waiting for the day when the sister she loves is happily married and far, far away from the clutches of the widowed Lady Haveheart. 

Dru's so convinced that she's the ugly stepsister, the one fated to never have a benevolent godmother change her life, that she gets the surprise of her life when she learns that's not the case. What follows next is a whirlwind journey of love and loss, magic and murder, and what it means to control your own destiny. 

The biggest test Dru will face is not the choice between a stone man and a prince, but whether being bad, for the right reasons, can ever be good.

Britanin Britanin Jul 16
Amazing quote! This was so funny but really deep if you read it more.
Well......that form of thinking in my head didn't start till I got older and learned that not everything has a happy ending. But better late than never
That's so weird and deep. I don't think I've looked at it like that.
                              I love this quote.
ki54rg21 ki54rg21 May 24
I like it and Haveheart, very creative. Unless u took it from someone's pretty nice💕
Rumbelle123 Rumbelle123 May 14
I love this beginning part, can't wait to read more. Come read my stories... I love reading so much that I have to many to count in my library. Also please read books from darkshadowsfan3 (my second page I made; this page broke on me a few years back, but managed to fix it).
jennyfer427 jennyfer427 May 12
We need more of these awesome, empowering stories written by awesome, empowering authors. Thank you for this.