Dear Gabriel

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Emma By Dreaming_Love Updated 4 years ago
Please do not read if you have not read Escaping Death :) *spoiler alert*
    Written letters that Gwen wrote after the day that Gabriel left her when they were mere teenagers. First letter is the one she wrote the first night they were in the cabin; her goodbye letter.  
    Ever wonder what happened in those six years that Gabriel was absent? Well, here are some of the events she chose to write to him about-in hopes that he would one day read them.
Omg I can read a anything about Gwen and not cry haha And I don't remember a letter in the mortal instruments what book was it in ?
Wow, that was a great letter! I thought about him actually reading the letter and what he would be feeling and got all teary eyed! It was sooo completely and utterly heartfelt and sweet. Loved it :)
Wow crush my soul why don't you? :P lol. That was so sweet and so so sad!!! "YOu saved me in all the ways a person can be saved"... Titanic? Isn't it? lol i read that and was like "Aww that is just as kill me sweet as it was in Titanic!" lol loved it! Can't wait to read the rest
... :( I don't know whether to cry from the goodbye or to smile from the memories :)) and nonsense! It is very good and well written sis :D
@Dreaming_Love <3 u too addy!!!! (but more like a sisterly like of love!) ;)
Awwwww Addy, that was really pretty *wipes away stray tear*. It was sad but perfectly written all the same. It was so sweet how she wrote of her favorite memories and I'm so happy that you posted it! 
                                    Keep posting!