Rejected, Rejected, Regret It

Rejected, Rejected, Regret It

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A Simple Girl By OneSimpleAuthor Completed

Eden Carter was a normal girl until her 16th birthday came and everything came crashing down. 

She meets her mate. Mason Collins. Her pack's Alpha. He is the most feared alpha in the world; making it more impressive that he only just turned 18. But He sleeps with a lot  girls. Eden thought that he would change for her but the exact opposite happens. He rejects her and starts abusing her and makes the pack abuse her too. What hurt the most was that he keeps making her fall for him and then at the end rejects her again.  

But what happens when he takes it to far? When she lands in the hospital and she's dead for seven minutes but was brought back to life. He realizes that he wants her but how could he get her now when she's scared of him and she won't even stand a good 10 feet near him with out her freaking out? Worst of all she won't and doesn't trust him anymore. What happens if there is a threat in his way that stops him from getting her? 

Read and find out what Mason's going to do.

Warning:  alittle abuse and some swearing

  • abuse
  • forgiveness
  • love
  • mate
  • regret
  • rejected
  • rejection
  • werewolf
Deedra02 Deedra02 Nov 26, 2017
At least he didnt sleep with her first like all the other rejection books
watevah watevah Nov 24, 2017
Okay but why is he being so extra, just reject her and go, ya don’t have to abuse her☹️
Also it's the wolf part that has the mate not the human that why in most of the rejection stories they shift then find their mate because the wolf is present
genesis646 genesis646 Oct 01, 2017
If she accepted his rejection how is there still a mate bond
alexisanneb alexisanneb Jan 07
wow. making it hard to root for them as a couple. he’s pretty horrible, just like the description said
Pandaping Pandaping Jan 05
How can he not think she's pretty she's being played by cara delvegiene who's A VICTORIA'S SECRET MODEL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD