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She (A Dodie Clark Fanfiction)

She (A Dodie Clark Fanfiction)

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Dorothy Clark is My Girlfriend By Dodieismybby Updated Feb 03, 2016

You had been feeling quite down the past few weeks and your friends took notice to that. You never went out unless you had to; You would hide in you're apartment because you didn't want to face reality any more. Your birthday was coming up and your friends had finally had enough and decided to throw you a party for you. You had no choice but to go, obviously they wouldn't allow you to say 'No'. You hated parties with a burning passion. You're quite the wallflower. But you had a good feeling about this one, so you didn't question it. Dan, Phil, Dottie, Emma and Luke knew more people than you so you didn't know half the people they invited but again, you didn't think much about it. When you arrive at the party a certain choppy haired brunette catches your eye, and you catch Hers.

lol i was so confused for a second bc i thought you accidentally spelled dodie's name wrong haha
- - Mar 13, 2016
I'm like a paragraph in and this just makes me so happy bc all my favourite YouTubers
dodietrash2002 dodietrash2002 Jul 23, 2016
The "previously" thing at the top is making me think of until dawn ;D
fuckboy69aol fuckboy69aol May 27, 2016
I really like your fiction!!! It's so good! And it has all my favorite YouTubers in it so that's a plus
sepiaesthetic sepiaesthetic Mar 07, 2016
oh my god i'm so gaaaayyyy i love this (i'd be so anxious under all the attention omfg but Dodie would make it wonderful)
- - Dec 27, 2015
I actually can't believe that there is Dodie fanfic floating around the interwebs