not in love || a Larry Sylinson fanfic (boyxboy)

not in love || a Larry Sylinson fanfic (boyxboy)

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a Larrie By AudreyHornesHeart Completed

It's been three years since One Direction split up. 

Harry's getting married to a girl Louis hates.

Louis' a top executive at Modest, the management team that tore them apart. 

They can't forget the past but they can't forgive each other either.

Is it totally pathetic that I'm rereading this ? Your my favorite Larry writer!
OMG why I'm I just now noticing you've written another book ! I'm soo gonna read this I absolutely love your writing, and we every since I finished Flightless Bird I've been craving more from you . This is just perfect ! :) I'm so gonna read this right now .
secretjellyfish secretjellyfish Nov 02, 2015
Now THIS is a great way to start a story, I loved it! Your writing could do with a lot more character development and more descriptions to make the readers feel like they're there in the moment with the characters. 
                              I can't wait to see where this goes
gabby4623 gabby4623 Oct 31, 2015
Love the ending, definitely an improvement from the prologue.... the last few paragraphs .makes me regret ever thinking that this story would have been boring, it's interesting, hope you keep it up!
UnicornBaeLuv UnicornBaeLuv Oct 25, 2015
poor Louis. You have an interesting start. Writing style is brilliant
taehyuck taehyuck Oct 23, 2015
oh my god I am so excited. lol louis' response back is classic and not at all surprising