The Books of Dragneel

The Books of Dragneel

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Archangel of Salt By Azulablueflame Updated Mar 31, 2017

Sequel to Tale of the Two Brothers Arc: Zeref wakes up to find that his curse is gone and he is at the mercy of Fairy Tail. What adventures will the Dragneel brother have? 

Also contains other stories: 

Basically a book of overlapping one shots.

  • dragneel
  • gajevy
  • gale
  • gruvia
  • jerza
  • mavis
  • nalu
  • natsu
  • zeref
  • zervis
Missing_sadcase Missing_sadcase Aug 27, 2017
1....2....3.... K.O WINNER IS FIRST MASTER MAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EMSUEZ EMSUEZ Apr 29, 2018
After he send more than 1 million troops to destroy the guild.... Lol
-Hinata_Sora- -Hinata_Sora- Nov 19, 2017
Anime4_Ever Anime4_Ever Apr 26, 2017
If I was Natsu I would've yelled back "but I'm not a human! So ha!" Lol
Bledrakon Bledrakon Sep 02, 2015
Can't wait, I just read the previous book in a day or so. please update asap
SpiritShines SpiritShines Dec 15, 2018
Congratiolations Mavis!!! You just defeated the Legendary Black Wizard or Emperor of Alvarez with mere words!!!