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JUSTxAxREJECT By JUSTxAxREJECT Updated Sep 06, 2015

I run to set. Im already five minutes late. I run huffing. 
"Im so sorry" i say out of breath. 
"Slow down cowboy we're missing Jared anyway" Misha says. 
"I just ran like 2 miles as fast as i could" i sigh. 
"Felt good didnt it?" He asks. I shake my bead in response. 
"By the way Daneel came by..." He trails off. 
"W-what?" I ask. He hands me papers and on the top i read a sticky note. 
Jensen, i love you but i love somebody else more. 

My eyes widen and Misha wraps his arms around me. 
"Its ok Buddy" he says. I hug him tighter and then let go as i hear jared awe. Misha shakes his head telling him to stop. 
"Its ok Mish. I need every laugh, word, smile i can get" i say. 
"What'd you call a mexican who lost his car?" He asks. 
"Carlos" Jared says. A small laugh escapes my mouth. Hes always joking around with us. 
"Cmon we got a show to film" we walk into the makeup trailer and they dab ans wipe our faces until giving us our charecters cloths. 
"Dean i cant" misha says in his d...

I swear I read " pulls bread butter and cheese out" as " peanut butter and cheese" and I was like what sicko eats peanut butter and cheese sandwiches for breakfast???? Now I realize I just need sleep.
ThePinkEra ThePinkEra Dec 26, 2016
When you think daneel and jensen are adorable... but cockles.
                              It makes my brain hurt.
tiawarburton tiawarburton Sep 20, 2016
what is it every time jared always finds a way to walk in or hear Jensen and misha
TheaWinter TheaWinter Jan 31
That was... wow. What a way to break up with someone..........
ExorcizeNotExercise ExorcizeNotExercise Mar 02, 2016
MxschiefManaged MxschiefManaged Jul 27, 2016
They're like awkward 12 yr olds asking out their crush for the first time