221C Baker Street: A Sherlock Fanfiction

221C Baker Street: A Sherlock Fanfiction

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w. maximoff By sokovianlady Updated Oct 26, 2017

The violin is what brought them together. He could hear the instrument through the paper-thin walls. At first he thought he was going crazy, a side effect after what had happened, and then he realized it was his neighbor.
  Emmeline Grace Stewart is from America and moves to London to attend the Trinity Art Academy's music program. She lives in 221C Baker Street.
  John Watson is nothing short of distraught after the "death" of Sherlock Holmes. Devoting his time to his profession and working long nights, Mrs. Hudson is the only person reminding him to eat. He lives in 221B Baker Street.
  Emmie helps John overcome his grief.
  John help Emmie overcome her anxiety.
  That is, until Sherlock comes back and reveals Emmeline's past.

A case is stirring in central London and with the cracking of the curtain, reveals a sliver of light. With Sherlock's resurrection, and persistent deducing, relationships begin to shift. Will John's new romance with Mary Morstan last? And what is the secret Emmie is hiding?

Murder cases, angst-filled romances, and ruthless deductions, this stand alone fanfic is sure to leave you wanting more.

  Note: This doesn't really follow the BBC show or series 3. It takes place after the fall and before (and a tad after) John met Mary. This is not a romance between Emmeline and John. Although I imagine Jenna Coleman as the character, this is no way affiliated with Doctor Who or Clara Oswald. 
  Special thanks to @modernism  for designing the beautiful cover :c
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