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Unexpected [Steven Universe Reader Insert ]

Unexpected [Steven Universe Reader Insert ]

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damn Keekeow, back at it again with the Wattpad By Keekeow Completed


Everything in your life was pretty simple. 
       Well, until they showed up, that is. 

       Little [Name] [Last Name] is going on the adventure of her life, in the most unexpected way. Falling for unexpected people, in unexpected places, in even more unexpected ways. In fact, everything was unexpected when she moved to the little town of Beach City. All she wanted was a calm, quiet life near the beach. But life isn't always so simple, is it?
 [Various SU Characters x Fem!Reader] [First Story, Characters might be OOC.] [All characters and settings in this story belong to Rebecca Sugar] [Writing belongs to me.] [You belong to you.]

Hey i am a big fan of steven universe!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁 it is the best show ever!
Hey i am a big fan of steven universe!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁 it is the best show ever!
Kittykatty2006 Kittykatty2006 Jul 26, 2016
I just cleaned my room so..Organized..but everything is thrown in my closet so.. Half Organized Half Messy? XD
anim_cm anim_cm Feb 07
Organized since I always clean my bedroom or my mom will kill me XD
CharaSociopath CharaSociopath Aug 06, 2016
It's not messy, but my drawing desk is disorganized as all get out.
MultiFandomSendHelp MultiFandomSendHelp Oct 11, 2016
Organized because it's like I have ocd when it comes to this stuff