The Golden Phoenix: Guardian of the Hunt

The Golden Phoenix: Guardian of the Hunt

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Justin By Craidom Updated May 13, 2016

Not the typical Chaos/Guardian story

This will be my first story, this is a pertemis and not the typical Chaos/Guardian story. Advice would be great thankyou for reading! 

Disclaimer for whole book. All characters Belong to Rick Riordan, but Plot and the characters I create belong to me ^_^

pokemonlover1595 pokemonlover1595 Nov 18, 2016
I can imgine the comments section acting like Happy from Fairy Tail. AKA spamming the words 'You liiiiiiike him'.
AlexnadraWarfield AlexnadraWarfield Feb 28, 2016
*giggles* my Percy..
                              *Laughs hard*MY PERCY HOLY ARTEMIS WHAT WAS SHE THINKING*laughing with tears in my eyes*
ShatteringThe4thWall ShatteringThe4thWall Jul 27, 2016
                              Well, I kind of can...
WiseGirl5231 WiseGirl5231 Nov 17, 2015
The last sentence is so sexy. It is romantic and amazing. I love it
Nour114 Nour114 Nov 10, 2015
OMG! YAAAAS!!!! I <3 THIS this is practically the one one i have read where percy isnt ignorant about the whole son of chaos thing so no "hi, im chaos your father and im your son" -taking percy to home planet- thing