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Mary By Drummstixx Completed

Arden Paige had one problem. Seth Dawson - the hot "emo" mess in school. There's something that blocks them from each other. For one, Arden is a goody-two shoes beautiful nerd...while Seth is,well....Seth.
Arden finds herself falling for the quiet and introverted Seth. However, because of appearance, and because of everything everybody else seems to think about people like Seth Dawson, Arden feels that Seth would only like her if she were....well, like him.
Seth doesn't know Arden exists. That is, until Arden gets herself a little "makeover." Can Arden get away with her little lie?
Can she prove to Seth that she can also be 'Emo-Mazing'? Well, unfortunately for Arden, this wasn't just any makeover.

One thing's for sure - it's hard to be something you're not.


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ForbidsBlossom ForbidsBlossom May 26, 2017
Why didnt anyone record this? Its a great opportunity to make a porn vid XD Just kidding hahahaaha
I love this book!! I read it a long time ago and it took so long for me to find it again considering I couldn't remember the name but yeah
I'm "emo"
                              It's 2018
                              Is this something to be concerned about or should I just deal with it because I know a few other emo kids too eheh
Jazikittycat123 Jazikittycat123 Oct 18, 2016
WHEN DID MARY LEARN TO WRITE?! (For anyone who doesn't know me, you wouldn't understand) @micro-man
askingwolfie333 askingwolfie333 Jun 30, 2016
I just finished sixth grade and I'm an emoooo. But people judge me...whatever
luckylucy171592 luckylucy171592 Dec 18, 2016
This book seems to be well written. So, I'll take a peek at it. The book cover caught my attention lol