Love Lindy (Letters Of Change Series Book 3)(Currently being edited)

Love Lindy (Letters Of Change Series Book 3)(Currently being edited)

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K.C. Goodwin By Kassilassie Updated Jun 30, 2016

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madame_de_pompadour madame_de_pompadour Nov 17, 2014
I'm going to have to come back to this thing all the time lol
Suntaria Suntaria Dec 18, 2013
I am excited for Rose's story and Nettie's. I really like both charactors!!
Suntaria Suntaria Dec 17, 2013
One more thing. I think it would be so interesting if you wrote about Rhiannon because she is getting a college education I think a lot of love stories could be made with that twist there!
Kassilassie Kassilassie Mar 27, 2013
@stuffhappens @littleLo I've posted te first chapter!!!!
                              Lol @stuffhappens Because you are awesome! lol You needed a Character named after you too!!! @littleLo has a Laura (Daniel and December's daughter) So I made you Lindy's Best friend! 
                              Lol I Love you too!! *Power hug* You're welcome!!
stuffhappens stuffhappens Mar 27, 2013
@Kassilassie I agree with @littleLo so YOU BETTER START IT NOW! Lol.
                              Hey, hey now. Why is my name up there?
                              I feel so special. :"> I so love you, Kass. *power hug*
                              Thank you! *sniffs*
Kassilassie Kassilassie Mar 27, 2013
@littleLo =]] I'll have it up soon!!! I just want too make it at least three pages