The Nightmare Daze

The Nightmare Daze

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“God dammit, Florence!” He snarls, jerking me closer to him. In an instant his arms wrap around me in a tight embrace. What is he about? I’ve been preparing for a slap in the face, at least, possibly being held under the water once again. But this? His uncharacteristic display of affection frightens me more than his abusive nature. Perhaps he is not well in his mind.
            His lips brush my ears before he leans in to press his cheek against mine. “You have no idea,” he whispers, his voice trembling with hoarse anger, “how badly I’m going to hurt you.”


   In a ransom deal gone terribly wrong, Florence Blackmore is swept away from her home in the Victorian countryside and made to test her darkest limits. Fighting to maintain her dignity and avoid the harsh punishment of her captors, she battles to understand her own feelings and the concept of love.
  Warning: this story contains sexual and violent content that may be offensive to some readers. Read at your own risk. Enjoy :)

ShorttCake1D ShorttCake1D Aug 18, 2016
Finally after 2 weeks , I found a book where vocabulary and grammar is also given importance. Your story is amazing so far.  😍😍
iLoveReesesxx iLoveReesesxx Nov 08, 2016
This is why If you feel an uneasy feeling about someone from the start don't go with them
Henry58 Henry58 Jul 30, 2015
this is why girls need to be trained in self defense and carry pepper spray or  gun.
ViktoriyaRae ViktoriyaRae May 28, 2015
I Have already fallen in love with your story!!You write in a very wonderful way.I wish I could write like you do.I normally don't read Historical Books but I have absolutely fallen head over heels with yours!Kudos!Cant wait to read the next chapters :)
Sarcadia Sarcadia May 25, 2013
@RayenThatChic Thank you! :) Oh and thanks so much for pointing that out, that's kind of a major spelling mistake :)
Sarcadia Sarcadia May 25, 2013
@taimeimpala Thank you! My spelling could definitely be improved in many areas xD Thank so much for critiquing, it's really helpful to get opinions. Shows me what too look out for :)