The Celtic Hunter

The Celtic Hunter

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TheHunter24 By TheHunter24 Updated Aug 09

Percy was betrayed by Camp Half-Blood. Percy then runs away. While he runs away he would kill monsters. Percy comes across a deity from the old days. The Celtic Council, said to faded long ago. Percy becomes the most powerful Celtic deity ever. There is a war coming. Its against Gaea, the giants, and the titans. this time they teamed up. Find out what happens to Percy now. Read and find out. 

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how exactly did percy 'take off'? did blackjack go with him?
StarWarsMao StarWarsMao Aug 24
Ya know I'd like to, for once, find a fanfic that says that Percy convinced the victim that he didn't do anything by reminding them his fatal flaw is Loyalty and they pretend they hate him and in the end they all punish the guy that framed him.
So no one is going to question the fact the camp store has cloaks and masks?
Um why the CELTIC hunter Greeks and Celts have nothing in common?
Luvdblue2 Luvdblue2 Jan 30
Good ideas, but I feel like you kind of summarized the most important part of any story- the background and setup.  Don't take this the wrong way, I do it too sometimes, but a little more detail might be better. :)
You know, I haven't thought about this until now. Out of all these stories why hasn't Percy ever swore in the river Styx that he's telling the truth ? I mean, it would be a sure way to make them realize that the guy is a sh!tbag