The Celtic Hunter

The Celtic Hunter

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TheHunter24 By TheHunter24 Updated Nov 06

Percy was betrayed by Camp Half-Blood. Percy then runs away. While he runs away he would kill monsters. Percy comes across a deity from the old days. The Celtic Council, said to faded long ago. Percy becomes the most powerful Celtic deity ever. There is a war coming. Its against Gaea, the giants, and the titans. this time they teamed up. Find out what happens to Percy now. Read and find out. 


All rights go to Rick Riordan

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*sigh* why do all u peeps always throw ur knowledge of Percy's fatal flaw being loyalty out the freaking window!?!? (and by peeps I mean the peeps in the story)
Meme2o2 Meme2o2 Nov 24
@TheHunter24 details how exactly did it happen
                              Sorry for sounding like an English teacher
Jeez that is unrealistic as Bill Cosby saying that the kids in his van are his nephews and nieces.
You love the Nightingale Armor too. I love that armor more then the other ones.
PaddingPaws PaddingPaws Apr 10
I saw the cover for the book and immediately went- "Hey, hey, heeeeyyyy Nightingale armour! All praise Lady Nocturnal!"
You see. This is called being smart. Out of all the story's I read, this one gives Percy Common sense. Bless you soul XD